Automated Equipment Mechanic

Job Description

The Automated Equipment Mechanic position is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, and mechanical systems on all equipment associated with the production of bagels. Inclusive of all building structures and infrastructure.

In accordance with all company policies, the essential duties include, but are not limited to the following:

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

1. Understanding and development of planned shift responsibilities and goals. Communication as to the status of shift results to the following shift and to all others who may require the needed information.

2. Completion of daily walk-through of assigned areas of responsibility. Notation of all equipment and facility discrepancies. Assurance that any necessary corrective actions are taken.

3. Focusing on the reduction of downtime, scrap, or cripples, constant improvement in quality and processing methods. Taking responsibility to initiate corrective actions.

4. Completion of all necessary reports, logs, and documentation as to the result of shift and departmental activities.

5. Working with Management to provide required training to improve technical and vocational skills of the staff.

6. Ability to assist in the finding and troubleshooting of problems in all plant areas where problems of a technical
nature exist.

7. Ability to follow Fleischer’s, Governmental safety, environmental guidelines, and Good Manufacturing Practices.

8. Follow-up to confirm all assignments are complete, rescheduling all incomplete assignments and confirmation that all tasks are performed in a craftsman like manner.

9 Effective communication with Sanitation, Production, and Shipping Departments ensuring maximum effectiveness of the Maintenance Department shift and departmental activities.

10. Sound knowledge of all machine functions, i.e. – Control, location of safeties, cause and effect of various adjustments, cleaning operations, Manual, Semiautomatic, and Automatic machine operations.

11. Sound knowledge of electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, and mechanical schematic drawings and processes. Ability to read, understand, draw, trouble shoot and repair these systems and processes in a timely fashion using sophisticated test equipment related to these systems for this purpose.

12. Higher level of knowledge of all process support equipment, its function and operation relative to the dough process.

13. Higher level of knowledge of the dough process, its physical properties and relation to the baking process.

14. Ability to provide innovative approaches and designs to difficult problems.

15. Ability to machine/fabricate to exacting tolerances. Using lathes, mills, grinders, drill presses, and various brazing/welding techniques.

16. Participate directly or assist/direct in administrative duties including, but not limited to, the following: Ordering Materials, Scheduling Personnel, Performance Reviews, Receiving of Materials, Tracking of Back Orders, Vendor Contacts, and Project Scheduling.

17. Knowledge of Word, Excel, and Windows XP. Knowledge of MP2 Professional Access 2000 Maintenance Management System. Effectively using the previously mentioned in Preventative Maintenance, Inventory Control, Work Orders, Purchasing, and Tasks.

18. All other duties as assigned by Management.

Methods of Accountability

1. Through various oral and written reports to the Maintenance Manager, Plant Manager, Assistant to the Plant Manager, Maintenance Supervisor and Shift Manager.

2. Through the accurate reporting of time statements, timely completion of assigned work and quality of work performed.

Standards of Performance

1. Overall accuracy of reports.

2. Quality of work.

3. Level of efficiency attained in maintenance functions.

4. Training and development effectiveness.

Mental and Physical Requirements

1. Ability to perform assigned duties in a highly disruptive environment.

2. Ability to efficiently work with minimum or no direct supervision.

3. Ability to safely handle or move heavy and awkward objects.

4. Must be able to work overtime when required to do so.

5. Ability to perform assigned tasks under time pressure.

6. Ability to perform multiple tasks efficiently at the same time.

7. Strong written and oral communication skills.

8. Must be able to produce work within exacting standards and tolerances.

Education, Training and Experience

1. G.E.D. or equivalent

2. Training in related fields.

3. Experience in related fields of machine repair and maintenance. .

4. Field related two-year degree or verifiable vocational training a plus but not required.

Working Environment and Conditions

  • Hearing protection required.
  • Eye protection required.
  • Clothing suitable to prevent entanglement in equipment.
  • A sometime hot/humid environment, greater than 90 degrees.

Equipment and Tools

  • Must own personal hand tools.
  • Must own a tool pouch or other suitable means to carry hand tools from one job site to another.
  • Must own a “roll around” type tool box to store personal hand tools.

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